Hi, I'm Jared

I'm an Augmented Reality platform designer at Facebook.

Striving to design a better future

I'm a passionate UX, interaction, and visual designer with an affinity for prototyping and a natural draw to systems design. I've worked on products in voice, artificial intelligence healthcare, finance – and now – mixed reality. I believe in ethical technology that positively influences its users while enhancing their lives and promoting healthy lifestyles and tech habits.

Invested in the community

As a self-taught designer, the design education and resource community was pivotal to my skill development. Because of this, I also try to give back by sharing knowledge, participating in design-focused events, create free downloadable design resources, and produced an extensive library of free design tutorials.

Want to talk?

If you like my work and would like to collaborate on a project, talk about design, show me something cool, or just want to say hi – I would love to hear from you.