Whip It

The best virtual reality experiences are ones that let you do things you haven't or can't do in real life. As more and more incredible VR experiences come out, players are able to live out experiences they've always dreamed of, likeswinging lightsabers and flying around like Iron Man. Now, you can check off another item from your bucket list – whipping bottles in a field.

Whip It is an experiment developed by Austin McCasland and I over a weekend. The idea came to us when we watched the ridiculous-(ly fantastic) Devo Whip It music video and realized how fun it looked to target practice with a whip. This project was as much of an experiment with rope physics as it was experimenting with collider boxes. We extensively modified a pre-built rope script that we purchased to replicate the weight and feel of a real bull whip while adding elements based off of this diagram We didn't initially realize it, but constant testing lead us to realize that the way a whip is built is critical to its function. Without the handle, some tapered tension running the length of the whip, and an extra piece of rope at the end called the cracker, whips just don't whip.

Once we got the whip working, it was time to stage the scene. We utilized a relaxing field and planted a couple of trees to make accuracy more difficult, and laid out some targets. Watch the video above to see the fun in action!

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