Pixate tutorials

Pixate was a prototyping tool released in 2015 that simplified the creation of interactive prototypes down to a science that anyone could understand. I loved Pixate, and wanted to share my understanding of the product with the design community. I figured that the best way that I could do that would be to create a series of free and detailed video toturials – a medium which taught me a lot of the skills I use today. Throughout the project, I became an *official* Pixate Champion and grew to know the team. Pixate was innevitably acquired by Google, who eventually killed the product. The tutorials are now out-of-date and the product is no longer available, but the lessons of these tutorials have a foundation that applies to many of the other available prototyping tools today.

  • iOS lockscreen

    Pixate is a new prototyping tool that involves no code on the user's end making it very easy to use. I wasn't able to get in on the beta release so I only got...

  • Subsequential sticky headers

    This tutorial teaches you how to create subsequential sticky headers in Pixate. Subsequential headers are common within contact, messaging, photo, calendar, ...

  • Material Design slider

    In this tutorial we make a Material Design-styled slider that expands and has counting numbers when you drag it. The topics we cover are clipping masks, layer...

  • 3D Force Touch peek & pop

    In this tutorial we're rebuilding Apple's new Force Touch "peek and pop" interaction in Pixate. We'll cover a lot of timed animations and reactions as ...

  • iOS spotlight search

    We're learning how to recreate the iPhone's beautiful spotlight search page from the home screen. In two parts we'll go over creating the ...

  • Tinder card swipe

    A tutorial on how to recreate the famous card swiping interaction in everybody's favorite app to pretend that they don't use – Tinder!

  • Frosted glass UI

    Here's a tutorial on how to create frosted glass UI effect similar to that in new versions of iOS.

  • Multi-page scroll

    This tutorial will show you how to replicate a lazy-loading-style multi-page vertical scroll prototype.

  • Twitter profile

    In this tutorial we're replicating Twitter's profile view, tweet detail view, and photo ...

  • Sticky side scroller

    Here's a tutorial on how to create a horizontal scroll that will anchor on its contents.

  • Location ping animation

    Here's a tutorial on how to create a location ping animation that you can use on a map.

  • Photo expansion animation

    Here's a tutorial on how to create an interesting and engaging photo album expansion animation.

  • 3D menu animation

    Here's a tutorial on how to create a 3D style menu interaction.

  • Contextual long-press menu

    How to create a contextual long press menu prototype in Pixate that activates and responds...

Customer Testimonial
Alberto Orsini

I gotta say that you're a beast. I have my entire team meticulously studying your tutorials. Thank you for putting these together – they're great.

Customer Testimonial
Todor Iliev

I really appreciate everything you've designed, recorded, and shared with us. You have an eye for detail and your thoroughness is obvious in everything you do :)

Customer Testimonial
Kat Evan

Ahhh!! Thank you soooo much!!! i finaly understood finaly logic of pixate))))